Project Description

About the Client

Founded in 1928, Rodman Drill & Tools is still a family-owned business and believes in traditional family and business values. Currently offering a complete line of high-speed steel, cobalt, and carbide, taps, drills, reamers, hole hogs, and burrs, as well as Goldfinger Diamond blades and a whole kit and caboodle of other cutting and hand tools too long to list. For ninety years, Rodman Drill & Tools treated and continues to treat our customers like family and not just customers.


Rodman Drill & Tools required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital media experience to improve its SEO rankings as well as boost its brand presence. We have followed the latest SEO strategies starting with

  • Keywords Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Link Building strategies in high authority websites
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Setup Tracking Codes
  • Traffic Analysis

Apart from this we continue to update the content around the external content posting website by which website organic keywords and ranking has improved.

The Results

As one of the leading drill and tools providers, Rodman expanded its product portfolio with quality products. Through effective SEO and targeted marketing, the company increased its online presence and brand awareness.

By optimizing its website and creating engaging content, the company saw an increase in organic traffic. This attracted new customers and strengthened its position as a trusted expert.

By achieving top rankings on search engines for targeted keywords, Rodman was able to effectively reach its target audience, increasing sales and consolidating its position as a leader in the industry.

Keywords Rank Report for Rodman Drill & Tools

S.NoKeywordsInitial RankingBest Ranking
1rodman blue bullet drill bits11
2Rodman Drill & Tools11
3rodman drill bit11
4rodman drill bits11
5rodman nibbler11
6strongest drill bits131
7viper drill bits131
8the blue bullet436
9the hole hog77
10toughest drill bits228

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