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One of the best ways to attract customers in a monopolistic market is through product packaging. It delivers an induced difference in the minds of your potential clients. Why induced? It is because the packaging shows that this company is different from its competitors.

Packaging business is not easy; it takes an understanding of the customer’s typical mindset and tapping onto the subconscious mind’s natural tendencies to grasp what will work in packaging and what wouldn’t.

If you take a look around all the products you consume, which could range from breakfast cereals to shampoos to beer bottles, can you deny that the packaging initiates your appeal for a product in a store? Of course, quality matters. But what about those times you are trying something new? Supposing you were provided with no reviews, what would be your deciding factor among different brands?

Product packaging is an enormous tool used by manufacturers to boost their business throughout the years. However, what happened after digitization? How has it changed the trends of product packaging? How has it altered the aesthetics in the outlook, if at all?

Let us explore these questions in more detail.



Nearly every major manufacturing house has engaged in online selling or e-commerce in the past two decades. How has this affected the way markets are receiving products? Nowadays, due to online shopping, most of your customers may not be reading product descriptions or taglines as before. However, your message will be reaching them through your online display.

It would help if you made sure the customer buys from your website or weblink repeatedly. Therefore, a shift of focus in your creative engagement might be required. Your viewers are going to see your product through their laptop or mobile screens. Therefore, there are certain things in packaging on which you may focus.

Using the colors

  • In a study conducted by WePack, out of 650 consumers interviewed, 37% claimed that the color of a package was the primary appealing factor. Both online and offline shoppers participated in this survey.
  • Focusing on the different moods that different shades of colors can evoke can lead you to earn a lot more revenues. It is advisable to read into the color psychology along with the potential interests of your target consumers.
  • Various colors may have a different meaning in socio-cultural contexts. These meanings may have regional variations. It is advisable to research your target regions and their color connotations before launching any product.


In the WePack study, another observation states that the imagery and texture of packaging influenced 25% of consumers. Designing is a task that most manufacturers rightfully consult with graphic designing companies that could provide creative package designs.

Digital painting, graphic illustrations have brought in flexibility in the packaging industry. The companies can view the finished product before sending them for print. Moreover, the finished product would be the same as what the consumers would see while shopping online!


Competitive markets have resulted in branding. What is branding? It identifies a particular manufacturer through their appearance based on logos, designs, product packaging, or any other relevant method.

Packaging plays a huge part in the branding of a business. With the rise of e-commerce sites, most consumers prefer the shipping of their products. Thus, your packaging needs to be durable, stable, and appear the way you advertise online.

It becomes essential to consider the entire environment your product is likely to face while getting shipped or delivered. Thus, due to digitization, the packaging can no longer be based on appearance, even for small or flimsy articles. There needs to be durability to promote your brand.

You are more likely to get positive feedback regarding your brand through your packaging methods. It is advisable to learn which design suits what shape the best. For example, the design or packaging for canned drinks may not look good on zip lock packs!

Digitization has altered many things in our life; however, it is often up to the entrepreneurs to make good use of these changes and use them to develop further!