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Fulfill freight transportation needs online

As more & more people are shopping online, opportunities for scaling are particularly abundant for contract logistics and parcel companies. Whether you are a logistics company, a passenger transportation service provider, or a freight forwarder, we will increase your rankings on search engines and be seen by your potential consumers and B2B/B2C customers. With our Logistic SEO service, you will :

  • Deliver full truckload with increased lead queries.
  • Increase your order fill rate with a higher customer satisfaction rate.
  • Improve your ROI with increased online visibility.
  • Ship worldwide with higher rankings for your targeted keywords. 

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Digital marketing is rapidly becoming the buzz words of corporate America as well as in other global parts of the business. This a hot topic because many industries all still digitally inclined than compared to other industries. Very specific with all industries, it may take time, but every industry is transforming to the digital platform because everything changes according to customer needs and satisfaction.

A new generation of shopping mostly done via E-Commerce and M-Commerce has made supply chain management a very important area of concern for most of the businesses. Particularly among the manufacturing companies, this has become a critical issue as they are highly dependent on supply chain management to deliver their products.

The Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, shippers, and distributors are the stakeholders in the supply chain of companies by finally concluding with delivering the products to the customers.

Supply chain management is designed to manage and enhance the exchange of information across various supply chain partners to get the best outcomes that meet customer needs.

logistics simplified

Digital transformation in supply chain management

This process is designed in such a way that the customers get every information about their product starting from the shipment till the poduct delivery. By mentioning the overall result, you are benefited from digital marketing in supply chain management helps in reducing the cost of the product. This will also benefit from reduced working capital needs, reduced working capital needs, and gets higher customer satisfaction.

It’s a win for all participants. Directive Group is a strategic, technology-based marketing firm. We’ll help you zero in on your most significant opportunities for higher revenue or lower costs and then develop cost-effective solutions to help you harvest these options to your advantage. Contact us today for an assessment of the digital, information technology-based opportunities for your business.