Project Description

About the Client

Seeds Here Now was built on the principles of making original, preservation quality, and genetics available to the community and providing the best customer service in the industry. breeder preservation lines continue to grow by following strict breeding standards, improving standard product lines through trait stabilization, and listening to the customer’s needs.


SeedsHereNow required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital media experience to improve its SEO rankings and boost its brand presence.

We have followed the latest SEO strategies, starting with

  • Keywords Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Link Building strategies in high authority websites
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Setup Tracking Codes
  • Traffic Analysis

Apart from this, we continue to update the content around the external content posting website by which website organic keywords and ranking has improved.

The Results

Our strategic SEO efforts paid off for SeedsHereNow, one of the top online retailers of cannabis seeds. By positioning SeedsHereNow as the “premier destination” for high-quality cannabis seeds, we created engaging content that focused on relevant keywords and helped build brand authority.

As a result, we saw an increase in organic traffic and solidified SeedsHereNow’s position as the go-to destination for discerning weed growers.

As SeedsHereNow grew its online presence, so did the demand for its products. SeedsHereNow was able to expand its reach and build a dedicated customer base.

Keywords Rank Report for Seedsherenow

S.No Keywords Initial Ranking Best Ranking
1 buy blue kush bog seeds usa 1 1
2 best coast genetics 1 1
3 aficionado seeds thailand 5 1
4 buy mandalorian genetics seeds 5 1
5 Dj short seed bank thailand 8 1
6 crockett hemp seeds for sale Not in 100 1
7 buy crockett family farms seeds usa Not in 100 2
8 buy candy apple kush seeds Not in 100 2
9 Exotic genetix seed bank Not in 100 3
10 Cannarado genetics seeds for sale Not in 100 3

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