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About the Client

Specialty Modular has been in the business of leasing and selling modular buildings for over 5 years, and over 25 years of experience. With dedication to excellent quality, service and craftsmanship; we take pride in knowing our modular buildings are built to the highest standards and meet current code requirements. Because of our efficient building process, modular construction is able to provide our customers with a fully functional building typically faster than standard construction.


It might be hard to picture the world of today without search engines. One important challenge still remained: how could Internet users find the rich resources that could potentially be made accessible to them by your company? You need to use search engine optimization ( SEO) to make sure you’re at the top of your business. 

More Construction Companies use the Internet to find great offers than ever before, and most of them start on search engines. If your site is not designed to show up in search engines, you will lose potential customers by the day. And in the construction business, every sale is a big sale.

SEO is focused on improving the online presence of your company, and that includes your website and everything else that you add to your domain. With every update you make, you show Google that your website is active and maintained, and when you add SEO, you tell Google exactly what it needs to know to rate your website well. And when you do so, you’re beginning to get results.

Duration :

April 2020 – Sep 2020

SEO Case Studies


Specialty Modular required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital media experience to improve its SEO rankings as well as boost its brand presence.

We have followed the latest SEO strategies starting with

  • Keywords Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Link Building strategies in high authority websites
  • Web Page Optimization

  • Website Content Optimization
  • Setup Tracking Codes
  • Traffic Analysis

Apart from this we continue to update the content around the external content posting website by which website organic keywords and ranking has improved.


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11 prefab office buildings Not in 100 10
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13 utah portable classrooms Not in 100 10
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SEO Case Studies