Project Description

About the Client

Twist It Sistah, a family-owned natural hair care salon in Oklahoma City, celebrates the beauty of textured hair. With personalized services and a focus on education, they empower clients to embrace their natural hair and boost self-confidence. Twist It Sistah is dedicated to maintaining healthy, happy hair for all, offering a range of services, from shampooing to styling.


Twist It Sistah required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital media experience to improve its SEO rankings and boost its brand presence.

We have followed the latest SEO strategies, starting with-

  • Keywords Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Link Building strategies in high authority websites
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Setup Tracking Codes
  • Traffic Analysis

Apart from this, we continue to update the content around the external content posting website by which website organic keywords and ranking have improved.

The Results

After implementing our SEO strategies, Twist It Sistah saw a significant increase in organic traffic. This means more people find their website online, which is excellent for their business. It shows that our SEO methods worked and helped them become more well-known in the natural hair care industry.

Several keywords have secured the 1# on Google for Twist It Sistah. These rankings highlight our effective SEO efforts and ensure prominent visibility for natural hair care services. It underscores our commitment to providing valuable services to our clients.

We’re thrilled to report that several of Twist It Sistah targeted keywords have achieved top 10 rankings on Google search results. This accomplishment is a testament to our comprehensive SEO strategies and dedicated efforts to optimize their online presence. By consistently monitoring keyword performance and making data-driven optimizations.

Keywords Rank Report for Twist It Sistah

S.NoKeywordsInitial RankingBest Ranking
1Kids Natural Hair Salon in Oklahoma CityNot in 1001
2Best Curly Hair Specialist in Oklahoma City, OkNot in 1002
3Kids Hair Braiding OklahomaNot in 1002
4Natural Braiding Salons Oklahoma CityNot in 1002
5Knotless Box Braids Oklahoma CityNot in 1004
6Natural Hair Care Specialist in Oklahoma City, OkNot in 1004
7Knotless Braids OkcNot in 1005
8Black Hair Saloon OkcNot in 1007
9Braid Shops OkcNot in 1007
10Hair Braiding Shops in Oklahoma CityNot in 1007

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