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When it comes to promoting your business, the first thought that hits the intellect is “LinkedIn,” which works as a powerful tool for business promotion.

You can utilize this social media platform for strategic business growth and expansion of operations accordingly. By managing brand promotion using LinkedIn, you will actually be able to build a meaningful digital network. However, many individuals are still not familiar with the workings of LinkedIn.

why linkedin is important for business

why LinkedIn is important for business

According to them, LinkedIn is another social media platform for building a professional network and searching for jobs.

If you are also living with this misconception, let me tell you that LinkedIn also works as a brilliant platform for strategically growing your business same as business blogging. A LinkedIn business page lends a hand in quality lead generation together with getting your brand notified as a reliable one on a global level.

Why LinkedIn is Important for Business? – 13 Business Benefits:

If you have been wondering about what is the best way to grow your business, then it’s time to create a business page on LinkedIn and get started with your professional growth.

And to make that happen, below given are a few points to ponder.

1. You can research your ‘client-type’:

After you are done with creating your business page on LinkedIn, start by researching the type of customer base you need to improve sales. Use this social media platform to explore potential customers who can bring in more business. This is a brilliant technique for building a strong professional network.

2. You can create a strong professional network by joining ‘Groups’:

Try to join more groups on LinkedIn. This activity will help you create a strong professional network. Well, it’s absolutely incredible if you could get a paid LinkedIn subscription, but if not, don’t worry. You can always go for a free account and be a part of up to 50 groups on the platform. Now, for the initial level, you can start by joining 7 to 10 groups, and your network will gradually grow strong with time. Following this technique will make it easier for you to find your target audience and grow your brand faster through this digital network.

“Join LinkedIn groups; you are 70% more likely to get an appointment with someone on an unexpected sales call if you cite a common LinkedIn group than if you don’t.” – Sales tip by Amanda Johns Varden

3. Your potential customer might be looking for you!

It is important to keep the profile updated. Create a profile that attracts potential clients. You can take LinkedIn as a two-way process. The way you struggle to reach the right connections for your business, there must be many others who are trying to reach you. So, you need to make sure that through your business page, the message you want to convey is done the way you want it to be.

4. Stay connected:

Using wide professional network you are always connected with the people you work for and the ones who work for you. This is an amazing way to build healthy and strong relations with everyone, employee and customers, in your business network. Always remember that opportunities come to those who work for it. So, never stay laid back behind your profile page and try to stay active and connected with those who could bring you more business.

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5. Get the leads:

Behind the success of every business is brilliant lead generation. You need to ensure that the leads you work on are authentic. Now, the struggle is to get the best leads, right? Well, the easiest way to do that is by working on recommendations from your clients. Most successful business groups let their clients provide them with leads. This works amazing as the clients who have already used your service or product will definitely not mind recommending their contacts. You can simply ask your customers for referrals on LinkedIn.
So, build strong relations with your customers by serving them with the best, and automatically they will turn into an unpaid sales force for your business!!

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”
Mark Zuckerberg

6. LinkedIn filters bad marketers (competitors):

LinkedIn totally disapproves of deliberately pushing your brand, passing unsolicited commercial messages, and observable hard-selling. So, never try aggressive selling or advertising on LinkedIn, as it will put your page off track instead of doing good. The correct marketing strategy could work wonders to bring you more and more profit.

The professional network is entirely different and highly authentic on a social media platform like LinkedIn. So, your marketing strategy requires to be planned accordingly. Read Linked Guidelines to avoid profile/page block.

7. Branding:

To start with, you need to make sure that the LinkedIn page through which you are planning to promote your business is updated. This will help you increase your possibility of getting noticed by the right people. Add a high-definition profile picture complimenting your brand or product. This small addition plays an important part in increasing the profile views to a great extent.

Mention the correct and precise business details, which can help you receive more requests to connect with other professionals on the platform. Never skip filling all the subsections while creating your business profile on LinkedIn.

8. Educate your customers – spread awareness:

To promote your business on the LinkedIn company page, it is advisable to post high-quality authentic content that is industry relevant. When it comes to marketing through content on the LinkedIn page, uploading multiple articles is not the way to follow. Instead, you can add a conversational post with the promotional link added to that. This will obviously make the readers click on the link redirecting to your website. You can also add question-based content to make the page more customer-friendly.

9. Connect directly with customers by replying comments & questions:

Turn up the page to be more conversational. You need to connect with your followers to get noticed by potential customers on the platform. However, the easiest way to do that is by regularly replying to any comments and questions on the company page. This activity will lend a hand in reaching your target clients faster. The logic behind this is that LinkedIn loves posts with higher engagement. Moreover, this involves your engagement technique too.

10. Better employee engagement:

If your goal is to promote your brand through LinkedIn marketing, always remember that it’s all about the digital network you create. The efficiency of your LinkedIn marketing somehow relies on the connection you have. And, being an essential part of the business group, your workforce significantly strengthens your LinkedIn connections. Therefore, always encourage the employees to stay connected to the company page on the platform. They can even share any posts from the page, and your business will indirectly get promoted. Another advantage for the employees is that they will get all the latest updates on the company page.

11. Advertise with the ‘Matched Audiences’:

The next brilliant strategy to promote your business on LinkedIn is to keep an eye on the most appropriate users while advertising on the platform. A feature like ‘Matched Audiences’ helps you retarget the users who previously browsed your official website. Additionally, you can also target the ones that are added to your email contacts and the present account.

12. Create impact with visually attractive business images and videos:

While advertising on a social media platform like LinkedIn, it is not mandatory to post media with text only. You can also try promoting and attracting the users with visually magnetizing posts such as images and videos. This will help you grab the attention of more people on the platform.

13. Use LinkedIn analytics data:

You need to keep a check on the performance of your media posts with the help of LinkedIn analytics data. It is necessary to keep track of this data regularly and never stop making efforts for any possible improvements. This in-depth analysis of your workings is a crucial step in order to keep performing better with each passing day.

So, Get Off To A Great Start with LinkedIn!!

Some Interesting LinkedIn FAQ

You can view around 80-100 profiles per day.

It’s about quality – not quantity. If you have 5000 connections on LinkedIn, or more, you open yourself up to even more opportunities through the people you are now connected to.

The minimum amount that LinkedIn will typically require you to allocate for your CPC and CPM bids is Rs. 100. And the minimum budget allocated by LinkedIn for your daily budget is usually Rs. 500.

It totally depends on high CPM and low CPM competition, however, its average CPM is Rs.100

LinkedIn’s level of targeting is very different from other platforms. It is niche and hence there is an additional cost for it. LinkedIn makes it easy for a brand to segment its audience and reach like-minded people one at a time.

When using LinkedIn to identify a target audience, it's wise to use a general audience set to test what kind of response you get in your first round of marketing. You can use criteria such as industry, role and age to get a small definition of your audience, but anything more specific than that should be avoided.

Step 1: Open and log in the LinkedIn app/website on your phone.

Step 2: Then, click 'me' icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Step 3: Tap on 'settings & privacy' from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Tap on “Private profile characteristics” & click Private Mode

Yes, you can send only 100 connection requests per week. That is 20 invitations per day.

Yes, you can be anonymous on LinkedIn. Also, if you didn't know, other users may be able to see when you viewed their profile.