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Sanitizing Phone is as Essential what you do for Home after COVID-19 Outbreak

Right now, there is the word ‘coronavirus’ that has taken all the world by a shock. Let’s get little knowledge about this virus and the damage that it had caused to the people before others started self-quarantining themselves at home.

This virus emerged in China and killed thousands of people there. Then it kept spreading to the different other countries like Italy, Great Britain, Spain, America, and other Asian countries. All this happened within a period of 2 to 3 months.

How this virus spreads?

This is a deadly virus that spread from human to human contact by shaking hands, hugging, sharing the same clothes, accessories, etc. When this virus started showing its impact in China, people began to leave china and go back to their native country. In this way, this virus reached their native land too, and then it started spreading there as well.

Is there any treatment of this virus?

Yes, some people infected from this virus have been cured and recovered after following a specific kind of treatment and medications under the supervision of skilled doctors. But, it is a bitter truth that this disease has no sure shot cure. Also, there is no vaccine against it. Yes, some pharmaceutical companies have declared that they are going to create a vaccine against this virus in the next six months. But if we talk about the present moment, there is no proper cure for this coronavirus pandemic.

For which age group it is harmful?

It is harmful to all age groups of people. Since it is a virus, it attacks readily on people with low immunity, such as children and old ones. But this should be mistaken with the thing that it does not harm young ones. It has the ability to spreading to young ones too. Immunity is the anti-disease strength of the human body.

How can we save ourselves from this pandemic coronavirus?

There is no cure, but hope is alive. We can prevent this virus from infecting us. For that, we can follow some necessary steps in our day to day life. The first thing is social distancing. Social distancing means that there should be at least 5-6 meter distance between any two humans.

Another important thing is to wash your hands at least 4 times a day and sanitize them. Washing your hands and then disinfecting them removes all the bacteria and viruses. Now, an important prevention method is to sanitize your mobile Phone every 90 minutes.

Physicians have advised that one should disinfect their smartphone every 90 minutes with a hand sanitizer. Many health experts say that the best procedure to clean your smartphone is to use regular doctor spirit or the alcohol-based hand sanitizer at least every 90 minutes.

He further adds that one should avoid touching eyes, mouth, or nose. The best option is to use a phone cover or a Bluetooth device and try to contact your Phone as less as possible.

Also, some gadget insurance provider declared that smartphone screens have three times more germs if we compare it with a toilet seat.

How to clean your smartphone with the help of sanitizer?

It is simple enough. Just pour a few drops of sanitizer on a tiny clean cotton pad and rub it safely on your entire Phone. That is the process suggested by a microbiologist.

Since this coronavirus is a pandemic and there is no proper cure to this. Everybody has the only option to take preventive measures about this pandemic. Hence, maintaining essential cleanliness is a must. Also, one should avoid using other’s phones, especially if he is suffering from a respiratory problem.

Furthermore, a study has shown that the home button of your smartphone might be having millions of bacteria. Some of these may be quite harmful. Also, the world health organization has already declared that coronavirus is a deadly pandemic. If we look at the number of deaths that occurred due to coronavirus, it has crossed the mark of 4500. According to a report, there is more than 1.5 lac confirmed cases in the whole world.

Now, according to senior health consultants, we should frequently wash our hands, cover our coughs, and follow other hygienic habits. This is because cleanliness is the one effective preventive measure against this pandemic.

Wrapping Up

Coronavirus is the word that is on the mouth of every human in the world. It has devastated the human lives, economy, and other things too. There is no sure cure to this pandemic. But still, we can avoid it by following specific preventive measures. Washing your hands and sanitizing them is one good measure. Also, it is said that don’t use gadgets of other people who have any kind of respiratory or flu problem.

Hence, sanitizing your Phone every 90 minutes can be quite helpful as your smartphone has too many bacteria and germs on the screen and backside. If you disinfect your smartphone with the help of a sanitizer, it will surely help you to avoid the spread of this coronavirus outbreak.