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Do you have low social media followers on your social media pages? You might not be doing anything wrong, but you must apply some trending social media engagement ideas & tactics. Posting social media content for your business and getting low followers & engagement can be depressing. Most times, the problem could be how you post your content on these platforms. Other times, it could be social media algorithms doing their thing. You must have heard about social media influencers and how they make money. They are influencers simply because they have a large fan following. So, how to increase social media followers on various social platforms. Check out these different social media engagement ideas to increase followers & fan base

Social Media Engagement Ideas for Increased Facebook Traffic:

Facebook is one of the popular platforms many businesses use to advertise themselves. Brands rely on it for marketing and sales. The four perfect strategies for increased engagement on Facebook are:

1. Timing Matters: Best Time to Post On Facebook:

One of the most underrated factors regarding Facebook engagement is timing. Usually, most brand owners don’t see the need to wait for the perfect time to post content, but it does matter.

There is always a particular time that your followers are most active, and seizing that opportunity can help get more interactions for your business page.

Now, you may wonder – “how do I know the perfect time to post?” Some data-driven platforms exist to provide you with a calendar of posting times. You can also use the data from previous posts’ interactions. Create a schedule out of them and see what happens on your next post.

2. Encash Your Most Popular Content

Facebook data will always remain relevant. If you’ve ever run a campaign on Facebook and had a good engagement, you don’t just dispose of and run another. You have to review the content, especially the most popular ones. Unknowingly, Facebook’s algorithm may have picked up something you don’t know.

So, that post with hundreds of likes and comments, review it properly. Look out for the hashtags, captions, and posting time. You can use Facebook analytics to get this information.

3. Followers Should Be Engaged in Conversation

Your business cannot get what it doesn’t give out. If you want engagement then you should be ready to interact with followers on Facebook. For every comment on your post, you should react. It could be with a like or a reply. This action registers in the mind of your followers that you prioritize their opinions.

4. Employee Advocacy Plays An Important Role

One of the newest things Facebook integrated into its system is Employee Advocacy. If your brand offers a service and shares a post on its page, reaching many customers at once could be a hassle. However, with employee advocacy, you can have people in your company share this post. This method reduces the marketing and advertising budget while allowing you to reach a larger audience.

5. Facebook Marketing

With the tough market competition, you have to stand out. Facebook marketing helps you to increase ROI. If done right, Facebook marketing is one of the most effective media currently and has huge potential. There is a good chance of reaching the audience who are interested in your product & services. It also allows you to interact directly with the customers.

Get More X Followers:

Contrary to the popular opinion that X is a platform for micro-blogging, it is also a place where businesses flourish. And like other social platforms, X engagement is important because they automatically drive visibility and growth.

But how do you get a bunch of strangers to engage your tweet? See how to improve X engagement below.

6. Find Your Audience

If you are promoting your business on X, the first thing is to find an audience. Thousands to millions of people use the platform daily, leaving an average of 400,000 daily. The competition to get your business tweet to make it one of the trending topics for the day can be high. However, you can slowly achieve that by building an audience of followers or potential ones.

And while finding your audience, you should prioritize tweeting time. Knowing the best time to tweet will help increase interactions. You can find out using specialized software or previous data from previous posts.

7. Use Visuals

There is nothing that interests the users of X more than being able to place a written post with an image or video. Visual elements are selling points in aiding audience engagement. These elements could be original photos or videos, gifs, or charts. Whatever you decide to post, be assured that people will see it faster and easier than ordinary written text, it could spring up conversations on the timeline.

8. Polls May Be Your Favorite One!

X is one place to get people’s opinions about a service quickly. Everyone has something to say about something. As a business owner, you should know this and develop strategies to listen to your audience’s opinion. A perfect strategy is creating polls. The poll could be about the terms of service, improvements, preferences, and feedback.

9. Join Trending Conversations

There is always a topic on X daily – the platform never runs out of one. Jumping on these trending conversations might be a great tactic if you plan to get more interactions. The reason is that it might be a perfect way to promote your business. More so, your brand will slowly become a household name.

10. Advertising on X

X marketing is another way to boost visibility and elicit potential followers. You can also take the help of a digital marketing company providing X marketing services to make things more viable and convenient for you. They will assist you with setting up a profile and optimizing it, have the right content, and let your audience know what you offer.

Social Media Content & Post Ideas for Boosting Engagement

Get More LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is an important platform for businesses & professionals to grow networks, but you cannot do that without prioritizing engagements. There are over 750 million users of the platform, so you can imagine how much potential has and what could happen if several people interact with your business posts. The significant benefits of LinkedIn engagements include reaching a large audience, promoting the company, and achieving business goals.

Here is a list of ways to improve LinkedIn engagements:

11. Optimize Your Brand’s Profile

Optimizing your profile will be the first thing to help your business and ensure LinkedIn engagement. It is the main factor determining whether people would follow or contact you. And this optimization means stating everything your brand represents, filling in the necessary information, including photos, and using great headlines that will entice other users of the platform.

12. Contact and Interact

Now that you’ve optimized your band’s profile, the next thing that would help is to start reaching out to people. LinkedIn is a platform with limitless opportunities to contact and interact with people. From your favorites, interests, or services, the app finds people that might be interested in your content. You don’t have to wait for them to follow; you can take the first step. With more people contacting or following you, you will get more engagements.

13. Post-Quality Content Often

Like every other social platform, LinkedIn prioritizes your content. You should consider posting high-quality content if your brand represents something. It would be best not to be discouraged by the low interactions within the first few weeks or months. However, consistently, you should get more people engaging in your posts.

14. Use Hashtags and Reply to Comments

Finally, two underrated factors ensuring interactions on LinkedIn are using hashtags and replying to comments. Some users’ interests are linked by the hashtag you use – they will see your content if you use specific hashtags. More so, when you reply to comments, gradually build an audience ready to read your content whenever you post one.

15. LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is a premium marketing service offered by LinkedIn. It may be a little expensive but worth a lot. It helps you with lead generation and connects you with more people, interacts with a new audience, gains credibility among your followers, and enhances B2B relations. You can also seek help from a LinkedIn marketing expert.

Get More Views on Instagram

Are you looking to increase your Instagram followers? Most businesses are now on Instagram simply because the platform allows them to showcase their products and services interestingly. For instance, a clothing brand will find Instaghelpfuleful because you can post pictures of previous and recent projects. And if other platform users come across the content, they might show an interest which would help drive sales and business recognizability.

However, Instagram engagement is more complex than others. But with the right strategies, it shouldn’t be difficult. Here are the things to do.

16. Create Great Content

One significant factor that separates a good IG page from a bad one is the brand’s content. If a brand posts quality content, it could automatically drive more interactions; however, if contrary, there is only little it would do. And by content, you can post videos, photos, animations, or anything enticing to users. You get likes, follows, and shares for creating great content.

17. Improve Your Aesthetics

What makes Instagram better than Facebook and some other platforms is its aesthetics. Posting colorful exciting content is attractive to users. And ultimately, you should get heightened engagements. So, before posting, ensure that the image or video is high-quality.

18. Use Hashtags and Location Tags

Hashtags and Location tags are essential on Instagram. No matter how minimal they are, they would reach active users of the platform in the slightest way possible. These tags are keywords, and if someone searches for one, be assured that your content will be listed in the results.

19. Prioritize Reels and Instagram Stories

Since IG introduced reels and stories, they have done personal and corporate business much of good. They are the fastest way to drive people to your page. If whatever is on your reel or story is interesting, you shouldn’t be surprised to find people like or drop comments on your page.

20. Posting Time

The importance of time posting cannot be overemphasized. Like Facebook, Instagram also works based on algorithms using the time factor. You get better engagements at certain times of the day, so it is important to discover when to post. You can check with analytic tools or use the data from previous most-engaged content.

21. Engage Followers

And like every other platform, audience engagement is on the top of the list of social media engagement ideas. You should value every comment on your business page and reply to whatever needs to be. Your action won’t go unrecognized by active users.

22. Instagram Marketing

Like other social media platforms, Instagram marketing is another way to get more audience. Perfect, if you can do it on your own, or you can seek help from Instagram marketing service providers, which will help you with audience analysis, data tracking, video posting, and ad management. They will assist you with creating targeted campaigns and putting up relevant video posts around your business to fetch more relevant users.

YouTube Channels

Over the past years, YouTube has effectively been a social and business interaction tool. The video concept has helped people and brands get out there, driving sales and growth. Although some brands focus on advertising, a good number consider providing their content to users so that they become more informed about their services.

Apart from following the techniques below, you also need to ensure that your Youtube channel & videos are optimized per Youtube guidelines to generate more views, audience, and subscribers and build stable brand awareness.

If you want to improve YouTube channel engagement, here is what to do.

23. Be Consistent

A factor that distinguishes one YouTube channel from another is consistency. Not everyone who opens a track will be consistent, but those who do often get the reward later. You must actively find new content to post about your business so that people will see it. You may not get many engagements at first, but such content will be helpful in the future. Or, better still, the content will help you build an audience.

24. Find Your Audience

Before posting on YouTube, you need to discover who your audience is first. You don’t just post videos about your business, hoping that anyone will come across them. You have to target the people you want to see them. An excellent way to start is by finding essential topics around the use of services. For instance, a gadget store can upload YouTube videos discussing the difference between the latest iPhone and the older ones. Several people will be interested in this topic because it is trending.

25. Inspire Viewers to Engage

While you rely on these YouTube videos to attract viewers, you don’t just stop there – you encourage them to engage. Views are not the only metrics for engagement; subscriptions, likes, comments, and shares are others. So, before or at the end of the video, encourage your viewers to engage if they found the video helpful. You can ask them to drop ideas on the next video they would like to see.


Try these social media engagement ideas and tips on increasing social media engagement for your business; there you have it. You can apply each strategy specific to the platform above and see what happens to your profile after some time. Lastly, it is essential to mention that you won’t see changes overnight and might even struggle with engagements on some days, but you should remain consistent.